Paul Fahri Potpourri

Earlier today, Post columnist Paul Fahri chatted with online readers about, well, pretty much everything. Some notable excerpts:

    Greenbelt, Md.: There is talk that Dan Snyder is trying to increase the reach of his radio stations. Right now, when the sun goes down, his AM station has the wattage of a refrigerator bulb. Isn’t 730 AM one of the so-called “protected” frequencies that has to cut power at dusk because of more powerful stations in the U.S. and Canada on that frequency? Or is he going to try to get the FCC to expand the range of his FMers?

    Paul Farhi: He’s apparently trying to boost his AM AND FM frequencies. This despite public denials that there’s any problem with his current power levels. Um, there IS a problem; the stations are almost unhearable (is that a word?) in many parts of the area…. Snyder’s a smart guy, and he probably knows a few people at the FCC. I wouldn’t bet against him.

    Beltsville, Md.: I can’t believe the Post is making you do these chats … I hope they pay you “hazard pay” for immersing yourself in such low-brow fare. Anyway, is the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on tonight?

    Paul Farhi: Ha! And you missed it–it was on on Friday.

The entire chat can be found here.