Comedian Paul F. Tompkins Racks Up a Dozen Podcasts

If you have not yet sampled the monthly “Pod F. Tompkast” from comedian Paul F. Tompkins, you need to do so.

From the hilarious non-sequitur intro lines – “A 2,000-year-old vampire peruses her Netflix queue with disgust…” – to topics like whether “knucklehead” could have been a term of endearement during Shakespeare’s time, it’s a blast. There are now a dozen episodes archived, including the most recent July 1st posting, recorded mid-June at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles.

One of FishbowlLA’s favorite things about the rise of podcasts by the likes of Tompkins and Doug Benson (“Doug Loves Movies“) is the authentic laugh track. No canned slider-board inserts here; it’s just real folks, laughing (or not) at real gags.

Among those joining Tompkins for variety show #12 are a fictionalized version of Ice T, actress Judy Greer, and regular contributor Jen Kirkman, who drops by to talk TSA. The comedian also thanks his wife for a mainstay of any healthy marriage:

“We’ve been married a little over a year, it’s going great. We watch a lot of TV shows together, that is a big part of married life. Then we have some that we sort of silently agreed, we will check email during together… We disappear, and then reappear at the couch, both holding laptops.”