Valleywag Expose Gives Rise to SFW Catchphrase ‘Google Me’

Old email messages never die. They just linger on main and third-party servers until an enterprising reporter like Valleywag’s Sam Biddle can get their electronic hands on them and go to town.

Biddle’s rollicking piece resurrects a pair of July 2012 missives from PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy and NSFW Corp. head honcho Paul Carr in the wake of her website’s inaugural LA event at Cross Campus in Santa Monica. The Carr email is the foul-typed piece de resistance, with the major highlights bold-ed by Biddle.

While much of the best Carr bits are NSF-headlining, there’s also this mid-point aside to Cross Campus CEO Ronen Olshansky:

But first, do me a favor: Google me. Read a few of my columns in the Guardian, the Times, the Wall Street Journal or on blogs like TechCrunch and — of course — PandoDaily. Or pick up one of my books.

Carr has been tweeting all afternoon and evening about the Valleywag piece. His complaint that Biddle conveniently abridged the correspondence to which he and Lacy were responding was remedied by the reporter.

He also mocked Biddle for covering a story that he has already talked about extensively on his website program WITN (Why Isn’t This News?) and reiterated that he still stands by everything he wrote in the email.

Carr  also seems puzzled by the Gawker comments and Twitter frenzy stirred up by “Google me.” But maybe that’s because he doesn’t realize that within the context of the email, those words read more like “Blow me.” Read Biddle’s full piece here.