How Paul Carr is Aiming for 10,000 NSFWCorp Subscribers

Hamish McKenzie, a Baltimore-based reporter for PandoDaily, has an interesting look at the evolution and current state of affairs at Paul Carr’s NSFWCorp.

Carr is about halfway towards his critical-mass subscriber goal of 10,000 for the Las Vegas based long-form journalism site. Recently, he pitched a ten-year, $200 Web-print subscription and has from the beginning of his 15-month old venture hung it on paying writers well:

Carr employs a staff of eight writers. He pays freelancers about $1 a word for online pieces, with print rates ranging between $1,000 and $5,000 a story, which can be more than 10,000 words long.

NSFW also relies on work from 15 regular contributors, all of whom are on contract. Payroll and healthcare costs are the main reasons the company has been burning through its venture checks so quickly, Carr says.

A recent crowdfunding campaign for foreign correspondents fell well short of a $100,000 goal, but you’ve got to hand it to Carr. He’s pushing the business model envelope in just about every direction. McKenzie also gets a lot of good insight from Andrew Anker, founder of the crowdfunding platform that Carr used (Tugboat Yards). Read the full piece here.