Who Got an Actual Interview with Patrick Goldstein, Geoff Boucher?

Two of the biggest LA Times Calendar brand names are now officially moving on. And really, the best place to get a sense of what happened with Patrick Goldstein and Geoff Boucher is to click through to outlets that managed to speak with these departing vets.

Goldstein laid it out recently during Episode #161 of weekly podcast Showbiz Sandbox with J. Sperling Reich and Michael Glitz. Thanks to his LAT buyout, “The Big Picture” columnist said he’s going to take some time off and cheer his son on the baseball diamond. He also stressed that it was an amicable parting, a matter of new management wanting him to change his unbridled M.O.:

“I had a wonderful, long run. But all good things come to an end. I always had complete freedom and autonomy to write about what I thought was interesting and give my take on everything. But we have some new leadership in the entertainment features side of the newspaper and they wanted to make some changes and go in a different direction and have me go in a different direction. And I just thought… No, I kind of wanted to go in the direction that I’ve been going in.”

Intriguingly, as the first member of the Calendar print side to volunteer to write a blog for the Web side (way back when), Goldstein thinks the best approach for his and other daily newspapers would be to completely separate the two content sides. He promised to tweet his new professional endeavor, whenever that comes to pass, and hinted that his next career phase could be more entrepreneurial. Goldstein also confirmed that he has already been approached by other media companies.

Boucher, meanwhile, spoke yesterday to Indiewire/TOH! Columnist Anne Thompson. He explained how his departure was hastened:

“The way it happened is not the way I had planned,” Boucher admits. “I had an exchange with John Corrigan that changed my plan. I was going to sit tight until the creditors took over and see what happened and take “‘Hero Complex” with me. But I had worked with so many good people for so long that I was not willing to work for a bad person. I’m a team player.”

Thompson points out that because Boucher’s wife Tracy is still on staff with the LAT, he is rightly trying to keep everything as amicable as possible. The “Hero Complex” creator hinted he’s already got a new brand name in mind for his future plans.

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