Patrick Gavin Rues the Absence of SOTU Melodrama

Gavin goes through all the missing salaciousness.

Former FishbowlDC editor and current filmaker Patrick Gavin was not happy about last night’s State of the Union address. But before he goes into his reasons, there’s something you need to understand.

“I’m an addict,” he says in his latest video, part of a daily recorded attempt to get President Obama to agree to an interview. Gavin’s addiction? Politics, of course. “Every morning my alarm pings me the second Playbook gets published,” he says, before reciting a litany of all the other politics newsletters he subscribes to, which is “every single email newsletter there is.”

He also boasts a “working memory of every single political gaffe since the Truman administration.” And therein lies the problem.

“As a junkie, my needs went pretty unfulfilled,” he says of last night’s “boring” speech. We’ll let him fill in the details for you below: