Patiently Awaiting the Facebook Announcement

Today, Facebook will be making some major announcements in New York City. One of those announcements is that Facebook will be launching their new SocialAds platform. A new, untested model of hyper-targeted advertising that enables advertisers to reach out directly to the consumers that are most likely to buy their products. These ads will be targeted based on all of the profile data that users of Facebook provide.

In addition to their SocialAds announcement, Facebook is rumored to be announcing their new Facebook music offering which is a competitor to MySpace. There have also been rumors that Facebook will enable the sale of music directly from artist pages but as of now that is simply heresay. Once the press Q&A finishes up this afternoon, the blogosphere will be buzzing about what Facebook is preparing to launch.

It will be interesting to see how much buzz is generated in comparison to yesterday’s mediocre noise generated by MySpace’s announcement of a new self-server advertising platform. Each of these social networks are now entering a new era in advertsing. Only time will tell if it was a successful mission. Both social networking behemoths are trying to take a chunk out of Google’s massive advertising revenue. There is no way that Google will simply embrace these new platforms with arms wide open. Look for Google to announce a competing platform in the near-term.