Pathogen: Spread your cells and infect the board on iOS

Image via Birnam Wood Games

Gameblyr has announced the release of Pathogen on iOS devices, bringing board game-style strategy to players. Developed by Birnam Wood Games, Pathogen sees players competing to control a game map by placing and expanding their cells to “infect” or spread out across the board, converting enemy cells in the process.

Pathogen offers 30 starting maps, but each game can play differently than the last, depending on the way players position their cells. In addition to AI matches, players can compete against other real players in local or online multiplayer (2-4 players), and can create their own maps using the in-game map editor.

Image via Birnam Wood Games

As players become better at the game, they can choose from multiple difficulty settings to keep the challenge high. It’s a system Gameblyr calls “easy to play, [but] hard to master.” Pathogen has been optimized for iOS 7 with retina display, and promises leaderboards and rankings in a future update.

“We are tremendously proud of the job Birnam Wood Games did with Pathogen,” said Marco Mereu, CEO of Gameblyr, in a company release. “Our mission is to continue to identify creative, independent developers like Birnam Wood Games and help bring fresh, innovative games to market across all major platforms.”

Pathogen is now available to download for $2.99 on iOS, and will come soon to PC. Check back soon to follow Pathogen on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. Watch a trailer for Pathogen below.