Path Leverages Smartling to Translate Their App

Path has announced that they will be supporting new languages by crowdsourcing the translation using Smartling.  This allows users to sign up and edit the languages available for Path and submit translations themselves.  This is similar to what Twitter did and is probably one of the coolest (and cost effective ways) to spread your app out for more users to use.

The news was reported on the Path blog and they report they’re working on translations for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.  To help them translate the service, you simply head over to and get started.

Their translation site is powered by Smartling, and one look at smartling’s site and you can see that what they do is set up a translation management software for a site to easily have users translate areas of your site.  It seems pretty cool, and if you have a business or service that may require translating, head over there to check it out too.

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