Path 2 for Android & iPhone Automates Journaling Your Life

Journal or diary writing was once a private and somewhat laborious task. Blogging changed the nature of the activity from a private one to a public one and made the process of word smithing faster. Micro-blogging services like Tumblr and Twitter simplified the process further by either limiting the character count or encouraging sharing found content instead of creating new content. Path, Inc.’s app (also named Path) takes this shift away from manual content creation to an automatic process of indicating where you go, what you see and what music you listen to.

Introducing Path 2, the Smart Journal

Path 2, available free for Android and iPhone, touts itself as: A journal that writes itself, Path can recognize when you spend time in a new neighborhood or visit a new city and records it for you automatically.. It can also share the music you listen to, record your sleep schedule, check-in (with an option to do so using Foursquare) and share photos and videos you record. The app has the option to keep individual items private if desired.

Path (iTunes App Store)

Path (Android Market)