Patent Filings Suggest A Nook 2 From B&N

Barnes & Noble may have a Nook 2 coming out soon, at least according to its trademark filings.

Back in June, the retailer filed for a number of trademarks including: Nook 2, Nook2, Nook Kids, Nook Smart and Nook Cook. reports: “Powered by Android, the Nook family is currently composed of three members: the original Nook, 3G-less Nook WiFi, and Nook Color tablet. Well on the same day that the company — doing business as Fission Inc, perhaps to obfuscate its filings — applied for the Nook WiFi mark, it also sought protection on two other brands: ‘Nook Kids’ and ‘Nook 2’ / ‘Nook2.’”

It is about time for Barnes & Noble to put out an update to the Nook, so Nook2 seems plausible. The Nook Cook suggests a potential Nook digital cookbook platform, and Nook Kids may just refer to the store that B&N launched this fall to support the Nook Color’s focus on kids’ books. But we shall see.

Via Engadget.