Latest Patch Site Is Hyper-Fictitious

And, in this anniversary month of the death of Walter Cronkite, Propwash Junction Patch is being edited by Windy Kronkite, no less.

She and the entire site are fake. Although Propwash Junction Patch looks and feels like every other recently redesigned Patch site, it’s actually a clever rich content ad for Disney’s August 19 animated feature Planes.

Links to the fake Patch, like the one above, are being embedded across real Patch sites. For our money, the funniest part of the Propwash hub is the local editor’s bio.

Launched at the beginning of the week, Propwash Junction Patch will stay live through September. And, according to Patch senior vp of advertising and marketing Mark Josephson, there could be more of these endeavors in the near future. He told Ad Age for example that a North Pole Patch “wouldn’t be a stretch.” Ho, ho, really?

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