Patch Looks to PaperG for Advertising Help

PaperG, a four-year-old start-up that enables websites to automate the creation of locally targeted advertising, already has an impressive list of media clients including the LA Times, the New York Post, Hearst, Gannett and NYT regional. Today, they are adding what seems like a natural fit: Patch.

As part of the hyper-local network’s ongoing experimentation with a range of different third-party applications, Patch will be incorporating PaperG technology into about 100 of its sites. Rip Empson, a Berkely based writer for AOL sister site TechCrunch, has the scoop:

The value proposition for Patch is that PaperG’s technology, which supports Flash, HTML5, and mobile ad units, can automatically build a custom ad for any local business in a jiffy. All that a sales rep or advertiser needs is the business’ name and address, and PaperG’s solution crawls the Web, aggregating all the important info for the business, including reviews, location, etc., and presto, it creates a display ad without the sales rep having so much as to open a new tab.

Pretty nifty. The Harvard-side of PaperG’s four-man management team consists of a former publisher (Roger Lee) and advertising manager (Tyler Bosmeny) for school newspaper The Harvard Crimson.