Patch Ramping Up in New York

Company is hiring an editor and several reporters.

While the Hale Global version of Patch has scaled more cautiously and relied on a larger amount of content redundancy, the end result is now essentially the same. A quick look at the company’s list of active sites reveals a spread on par with the Tim Armstrong-AOL heyday. With the biggest U.S. media market in play. (In fact, if you take the time to count all the new-era Patches, there are now exactly 1,000 of them, surpassing the former AOL total of around 900.)

Announcing in one of its Nov. 9 job ads that “the rumors are true,” Patch is advertising for an NYC news editor and one or more NYC neighborhood reporters. These folks will help grow a small team that currently includes Sarah Kaufman, a Downtown and Midtown Patch reporter, and Cameron Luttrell, a staff writer who holds degrees in both Convergence Journalism and English. From the editor ad:

If the old-fashioned newspaper model is cemented in your psyche, this isn’t the job for you. If you’re passionate, resilient, curious, creative, responsible and eager to help build a new business, if you pride yourself on being open to new experiences, methods, tools and experiments, Patch could be the place for you to make your mark on the future of journalism.

In the shadow of buyout offers at the Wall Street Journal and New York Daily News, the timing of this expansion is certainly cemented-model intriguing.

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