Patch Costs More Per Quarter Than HuffPo Spends In A Year; Good Thing Traffic’s Up

Jeff Bercovici at Forbes reports that AOL Patch is finally gaining some traction, and it’s much-needed.

Traffic to Patch sites in April was double what it was at the end of last year: 6.9 million unique visitors hit up a in April compared to 3 million uniques in December 2010 and 4 million in January.

And that’s way up since October 2010 when just 1.7 million visitors went to a Patch site.

This is good, because Patch is “burning through $40 million a quarter — more than Huffpo spent in all of last year,” says Bercovici.

Traffic isn’t enough to turn sites profitable—AOL will need to cut costs or sell very expensive ads—but the explosive growth can’t hurt.