Pat Sajak to America: ‘I’d Like to Buy a Clue About Twitter and Climate Change’

the_pat_sajak_show-showFor decades, outside of a lapse in judgement to host a talk show (pictured here), Pat Sajak has been one of the most beloved individuals in TV history.

How hard is it to develop bad PR asking a woman to exercise her alphabetical skills and wear borrowed clothing? Not difficult at all.

And then, Pat Sajak discovered Twitter.

To wit, trolls showed up at his doorstep to play the bonus round any time he wished. He did this week when he decided that on behalf of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans everywhere, Pat Sajak has been quiet too long on … climate change?! 

Yeah, this happened.

Pat Sajak Twitter

And that led to the Internet trolls holding a parade in Pat Sajak’s honor. Social media blew up all because Pat thought he’d step outside his privileged life and act like a normal tweep. Fat chance of that happening ever again.

More than 1,800 people favorited the tweet following this screen grab, and more than 2,000 have retweeted it, a small fraction of his more than 54,000 followers. And then, the rest was good times for the rest of us:






Culminating the crazy parade was this genius…

Personally, I don’t see Alex Trebek doing something this stupid, but then again, he’s Canadian. Go Habs! One last thing, Pat Sajak showed his alter-ego among all this hubbub.

It turns out America’s beloved wheel turner is actually an Internet troll himself. Guess I know what I will be for Halloween this year.