7 Types Of Insanely Passionate Facebook Fans

-Passionate Fans Icon-If you were looking for a way to grow your fan base, what you really need to be looking for is ways to build a passionate fan base or target existing ones. Last week I touched on a topic that I call “the passion factor“. The reality is that not all fans are created equal, but what can you do if you are looking for an effective way to take advantage of this? Develop content and promotions for the most passionate groups!

Below are 7 groups of fans that are insanely passionate about their topic. However this isn’t a comprehensive list. If you have any other groups that would fit into this list, please post them in the comments!

Sports Fans

We all know that sports fans are probably the most passionate group of people. It’s because sports fans live vicariously through their favorite teams. When their team loses, a piece of each fan dies, however when the team wins, sports fans feel like they’re on top of the world.

Childhood Memories

This is probably one of the most responsive groups of people I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s television shows, movies, or toys that people played with during their childhood, bringing back those memories is guaranteed to evoke a powerful response. What you do with that response is up to you, however if you create content around childhood memories (such as watching TGIF tv shows every Friday), you will surely generate a response.


We all know that people love music. Personally, I spend my entire day listening to music while I work. I know plenty of other people spend their day with Pandora running in the background. Some music fans are absolutely nuts. Can’t think of an example? Justin Bieber is probably the most obvious pick. While he doesn’t just get by on talent alone, it’s no secret that his fans are insanely passionate.

Video Game Players

Video game players will give up their health just to keep playing video games. There are numerous documented cases of video game addiction taken to far, however not all video game players are too crazy. Going after this group is never a bad idea. They love their games, however you must make sure that you post regular updates about video games, otherwise you may rapidly lose the interest from this group.

TV Shows & Movies

People love doing anything other than working and TV Shows and movies provide people with a great escape. That’s probably why many TV and movie fans can be so passionate. Generating contents and writing content in general about TV Shows and movies are alway guaranteed to evoke a response. It’s for this exact reason that there were so many articles and contests shortly after Inception came out.

Other Celebrities

Sports players, movie stars, television celebrities, and more, all have die hard fans. Figuring out a way to tap this market is a smart thing for any marketer. Despite cheating on his wife, Tiger Woods is still a sought after celebrity who most brands would be happy to be endorsed by. Whether it’s endorsements, celebrity events, or even content about those celebrities, going after this crowd is guaranteed to generate a response.


Last week we illustrated how much traffic was generated from writing content targeted at photographers. However there are plenty of other hobbies that people have that will surely generate a response. Whether it’s people that like hiking, skiing, golfing, building things, or breaking things, going after hobbyists will always help you generate some sort of response.

Know Any Others?

Feel free to share with us any of the other groups that you’ve found to be responsive to promotions and various forms of content. We’re always eager to incorporate content for all types of fans!