Bela Lugosi Jr. Wants You to Drink… His Wine

On screen, Bela Lugosi was Dracula. Off screen, he apparently liked to drink red wine. This Saturday, at the 2010 Paso Robles Digital Film Festival in central California, the late actor’s son Bela Lugosi Jr. will be present for a Q&A screening of dad’s 1931 horror classic as well as to share the latest vintage from family enterprise Lugosi Wines.

The best thing about Lugosi Wines is how their Twitter and news feeds reflect the theoretical pace of someone locked up in a basement during the day, unable to withstand the glare of the social media spotlight. At press time, the first and only tweet @LugosiWines had come March 31st, 2010, while the most recent website news bulletin was also spring-dated.

No matter. Lugosi will always be Lugosi, and Lugosi Jr. is carrying on the proud tradition of one of SAG’s very first members.

During the Q&A, someone should also ask him about The Three Stooges. As an attorney, Lugosi Jr. has handled court cases involving the intellectual property rights of various Hollywood estates and was instrumental in helping bring about 1984’s California Celebrity Rights Act.