Pasadena Church Declines To Render Unto Caesar


Members of embattled All-Saints church vestry in Pasadena have voted to resist an order to turn over church records relating to an IRS investigation, according to a wire service story. Knowing that congregation, they probably all sang We Shall Overcome and got all misty-eyed, recalling their days at Cal.
The IRS is taking a look at the church’s tax-exempt status. The investigation involves a sermon given Oct. 31, 2004, by guest preacher the Rev. George Regas, the former rector. Two days before the election, for those without a calendar handy.

All Saints has been hosting left of center speakers, activities and causes for quite a while, but then, that’s Pasadena. While the rector, Edwin J. Bacon has been preaching to the choir, his wife, Hope Bacon has been involved in a number of local activities–for a while, she was the admissions director of the tony Polytechnic School. While statistics aren’t available, FBLA’s pretty sure that Youth Choir attendence soared during her stint at the school.

FBLA doesn’t understand why churches and their ilk are tax-exempt. Surely the regular communicants of All Saints can afford to leave the government dole behind?