Party Planning Made Easy With Zoji

Step away from the keyboard! Web 2.0 event planning tool Zoji is determined to make sure people still are interested in socializing – in person!Kind of like eVite on steroids, Zoji lets invitation senders and receivers collaborate to create the best event possible. Users can vote on potential party dates, add pictures and contribute blog entries.

Anyone can throw a party, put a true champ knows how to get the word out and persuade people to show up!

When you create a Zoji page, it becomes a hotbed of activity. rather than just send out an invite, you can stay in tune with what your friends are up to and get an idea if they are truly busy – or just lying! It’s kind of like having your own Public Relations machine that hypes your own event.

Not sure where you want to hold a get together? Zoji lets you search comprehensive venue directories that also include reviews and ratings.

Contacts can be imported from all of the popular e-mail options, including the aforementioned eVite.

If your friends are interested in attending, a simple click of “yes” or “no” is good enough, as registration is not required to RSVP.

Invites never expire, meaning you can revisit them at any time. This is a neat feature that integrates with the Zoji calendar. You can reminisce about all the good times you had by flipping through old pictures and comments that are associated with events.

Clearly more than just a virtual scrapbook, Zoji by all accounts is off to a fast start, securing over $1.5 million in funding from a yet-to-be-named source.

Next time you’re planning a party take Zoji for a spin and make sure you send us an invite!