Party Photos: Suspicious Package Debuts!


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Journo band Suspicious Package (Bloomberg’s Tim Burger [or as Doug Heye calls him, the “Derek Smalls of Washington”], WaPo’s Tom Toles, LATimes’ Josh Meyer, HUD’s Bryan Greene and USTR’s Christina Sevilla) rocked out Friday at a packed The Red and the Black.

Only in Washington, D.C. would a rock band have a Whole Foods shopping bag on stage. Other things on stage? Ladies underwear, apparently (we wouldn’t dare use that word that ladies everywhere hate), a pair of which was thrown on stage.

Songs included: The House is Rocking, Fulsom Prison Blues, Miss You, Honky Tonk Woman, Marie Marie, Creep, and more.

Another reader tells us:

    Crowded as hell. The venue was tiny … and a ton of folks showed up. Burger was intense on the bass, simmering in a red cauldron of light in the corner. Everyone else took turns on the mic. They sounded…actually…surprisingly good. They’d been practicing and it showed. There was a line down the stairs and out the door to get into the concert “room”. Lots of people cut bait and bailed. Some toughed it out and caught glimpses of their final tune. Already talk of a bigger, better gig somewhere else.

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