Party Photos: Juleanna Honors Chris Fair

0723 01222.JPG

(Above: Mike Allen shows how he protects himself from Washington’s flying dirt)

Washington’s party set headed to the Kalorama home of Juleanna Glover last night for a book party in honor “Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States: A Dinner Party Approach to International Relations,” by Chris Fair.

Pics, attendees and party notes after the jump…

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Journos in the house: Richard Leiby, Michael Feldman, Amy Argetsinger, Mike Allen, Sam Feist, Liz Glover, Becca Glover, Liz Gorman (she’s back!), Angela Valdez, Kevin Chaffee, Jim Newell, Amy Holmes, Ron Brownstein and Michael Clements, Hugo Gurdon, Michael Hirshman, Sally Bedell Smith, Rita Braver, Josh Meyer, Rick Klein, Juliet Eilperin, Elizabeth Baker Keffer, Cathy Merrill Williams, Bob Dreyfuss and Warren Bass.

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Conversation topics included:

Which FishbowlDC hottest media category is the most competitive?

Can we start a journalist biking club?

Why am I sweating so much?

Chris Matthews’ senate ambitions

What does that one appetizer look just like…?

So-and-so’s rekindled relationship…

How and when that Pearl Jam photo will be used…

Suspicious Package’s first original song: “Dinner and Breakfast”

Is Angela Valdez the next Washington City Paper editor?

Michael Clements’ picture posing position.

NPR’s “All Things Considered” being there to record a segment

“Wait, how we can we have a food party about North Korea? Isn’t part of the problem that they don’t have any food?”

How much would a Washington Life cover signed by all four Glovers fetch on eBay?

And, of course, Bob Novak.