Finally, Journalists Get Their Own Rap

Kanye West doesn’t have anything on Matt Johnson.

“Who in the world is Matt Johnson?” you might be wondering. He’s the guy who wrote and recorded a rap entitled “Party Like A Journalist,” based on the title of a witty blog for reporters, created by New Mexico news entrepreneur Christopher Ortiz to “share all the ways that journalists are rock stars.”

Ortiz, the co-founder of an online local news startup called NewsCastic is perhaps better known for his involvement with If for some reason you haven’t spent lunch breaks and time waiting for interviewees to return your phone calls perusing this site, it has developed an impressive following for successfully making fun of the modern newsroom’s climate while revering what news writers do.

But back to the rap. 

Apparently Johnson goes by the rapper name of “Mattafact.” He’s a 27-year-old reporter with San Diego TV station KFMB and has been following the PartyLikeAJournalist hashtag over the years. which inspired him to start flowin’. When I saw the word about the song getting around on Twitter yesterday, I had to check out the rap and see if it was legit. Not only does it maintain a decent beat, it gets an “A” for accuracy, because the artist is a journalist himself. (Turns out this isn’t the first time he has rapped about life in the news industry, either… he rhymed about the life of a TV reporter in 2011).

My favorite stanzas?

Don’t get it confused, I put in work and it’s thorough

Whether it’s polishing my flow or polishing my Murrow

Our lives are never business as usual

Never know what to expect, never confined to a cubicle

And I’m also a fan of this:

Reporters get all the unwanted hatred

Of a celebrity but none of the compensation

I love it, just not gonna do the math

And party like I got all the money that people think I have

Needless to say, I think we should all jam this in the newsroom today, since it’s Friday and all.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the full song.