Participate in a Think Mobile Conference Brainstorming Session & Get Ticket Discount & Amazon Gift Card (& fun talking about mobile apps)

Hey, it is April! That means that the (the extremely nice folks who keep this blog running) mobile tech conference

Think Mobile

happens next week Wednesday and Thursday (April 7 & 8) in NYC. If are thinking of going, but have not signed up yet, here’s something that might tempt you and sounds like a lot of fun too: Join a brainstorming session about mobile apps!

Here’s what you get if you participate in this mobile apps brainstorming session:

– A 15% discount to attend Think Mobile
– $10 Amazon gift card is developing a Smartphone app and would love your feedback. Join us for a brainstorming session at Comix in New York on Thursday, April 8 from 8:30am to 10:00am and you’ll save 15% off Think Mobile conference registration. (The second day of the conference will begin just after the brainstorming session, at the same venue.) The first 15 people accepted to the brainstorming group will receive the gift card and discount.

Send email to events(AT-SIGN) to participate. Please provide the following information: name, professional title, organization, industry, and type of mobile phone you use.