Parody @CEOSteveJobs Twitter Account Suspended

He had been tickling the funny bone of Apple fanboys and haters alike. But now, it appears as thought the Steve Jobs parody Twitter account @CEOSteveJobs has been suspended by Twitter.

According to GeekSmack, the @CEOSteveJobs account was suspended this morning. Just before suspension, it had approximately 460,000 followers and 650 tweets, making it one of the largest parody accounts on Twitter.

In early January, Apple had sent a request to Twitter to change the fake Jobs’ account. They wanted to see a name change, image change and bio change, among other things, as they believed that the account violated Twitter’s rules on parody accounts which states in part that they must be clearly marked as a parody so as not to mislead followers into thinking they’re the real person or entity.

The @CEOSteveJobs account did change its bio to include the word parody, but it looks like it never got around to changing its name or picture.

It could be that Twitter clamped down on the account because of this failure to comply with the requests from Apple, or it could be for an entirely different reason.

We’ve requested more information from Twitter about the reasons behind this suspension, and when (or if) its fans can expect to see it activated again. Until we hear back, expect to see the “suspended” page indefinitely if you try to access @CEOSteveJobs.