Parnes Beams Spotlight on Anita McBride

How we long for the days when Politico‘s Amie Parnes wrote for CLICK and churned out smoochified pieces on the first lady at all times of day or night. Now we must wait much longer for a Parnes special. Among her recent offerings was a speculative “what if” of places President Obama might want to consider vacationing next time.

The idea isn’t half bad, although Sheboygan, Wis.? That’s just cruel. In the piece, Parnes quotes “more than a half-dozen political strategists, academics and former White House aides” including Doug Heye, Karen Finney and Doug Schoen.

Oh, and former Laura Bush chief of staff Anita McBride. In fact, Parnes can’t stop quoting McBride: Take a look at the endless roster of stories Parnes has done either on or featuring McBride:

There’s “Off the Clock With Anita McBride,” “Anita McBride Heads to AU,” “Obama aide dines with former Bushie,” “Steve Roberts Hosts Book Party,” “Susan Sher Celebrates Son’s New Book,” “Michelle Obama Steps Up Her Game,” “Allbritton Brunch: The New Party in Town” “Two Friendly First Ladies,” “Obama’s Maine Event” and “Michelle’s White House is Not Camelot” — and that’s just 10 examples. There are countless other pieces dating back as far as Sept. 2009 that include McBride.