Parliamentary Committee Condemns Murdoch’s News Of The World For “Collective Amnesia,” Phone Hacking

A British parliamentary panel has condemned the actions of News of the World, a publication owned by News International, a British subsidiary of mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

News International has publicly denounced the panel’s report, titled “Press Standards, Privacy and Libel,” as biased against their corporation.

The report, which sought to provide an in-depth look at the tactics used by British news media, focused on a 2007 incident during which a private investigator named Glenn Mulcaire and The News of the World’s royal correspondent Clive Goodman were convicted of hacking into people’s phones, including those of royal aides and model Elle MacPherson.

Despite accusations by the paper’s rival, fellow British publication The Guardian, that the News of the World had hacked into more phone lines than they were willing to admit in addition to paying off victims who had threatened to sue, News International claimed before the committee that the hacking was simply the work of Goodman and not condoned by the paper itself.

However, according to the report, that just didn’t sound quite right: “We strongly condemn this behavior, which reinforces the widely held impression that the press generally regard themselves as unaccountable and that News International in particular has sought to conceal the truth.”