Paris Review: Still paging “grownups?”

George_Plimpton.jpgSince the seemingly impossible death of boyish founder George Plimpton, his Paris Review – according to Newsweek – is in disarray. Having just fired its executive editor Brigid Hughes and trolling for people like Bill Buford, Anne Fadiman and John Jeremiah Sullivan to fill Plimpton’s chair, its future direction is unclear. “Confusion reigns,” claims Hughes, while board President Thomas Guinzburg wants “grown-ups” in the driver’s seat – one assumes he means people older than the 32-year old Hughes. So if you no longer get carded buying smokes and you don’t have a need to modernize the Review by adding such gauche features as non-fiction authors or – the horror – screenwriters to the book, do go ahead and mimeograph your resumé. And watch this space.