Paris Podcasts: Cringeworthy

As a promotional tie-in to the movie House of Wax (opening this Friday), Warner Bros. is featuring podcasts from star Paris Hilton on the movie’s website. (“Podcasting is hot. But it just got hotter.”) Savvy marketing movie? Apparently not. According to Movie Marketing Update, the podcasts have been met with an overwhelmingly negative audience reaction, a sample of which suggests that Hilton may be single-handedly responsible for the death of this nascent medium:

I started listening to podcasts in January, and I gotta say that, after hearing the first Paris Hilton “podcast”, I am really impressed with how fast the whole thing appears to be going right down the tubes…The Paris Hilton “podcast” is exactly the kind of drivel that drove people to take broadcast content into their own hands in the first place. *This* is what the podcasting community should boycott, and if it is on Podcast Alley only because of the cash involved, P.A. is in real trouble…”