Paris Hilton! Armed robbery! Creepy videotapes!

jfrancis.jpg Things I don’t like to think about: 1) Paris Hilton’s speed-dial list. 2) ‘Girls Gone Wild’ proprietor Joe Francis. 3) Sexual humiliation videotaped at gunpoint. In the new issue of Radar, FishbowlLA’s favorite Seamy Hollywood Underbelly Investigative Reporter Mark Ebner ties together these elements in the story of Darnell Riley, a Seamy Hollywood Underbelly type who made his way onto 1) and is about to go on trial for allegedly forcibly producing 3), starring 2). Anyway, it’s an impressive piece of investigative reporting, and it will make you really want to take a shower. (And it’s not online, so you’ll actually have to buy Radar on the newsstand.)