Parenting Content, Big Brands Find Way Onto TV, Movie-Sharing Sites

Some blame exchanges; Healthination says it was hacked

What do the advertisers Lysol, Resolve and NuvaRing, along with the Web shows Parenthood Today and Girl Talk have in common? Well, they’re probably targeted at women. And they’ve all been spending some time on sites where people go to watch current theatrical movies and TV shows they probably haven’t paid for.

Over the past few days, users who logged onto, perhaps looking for a place to stream Despicable Me 2 or the latest episode of True Blood might have also noticed autoplay video for Parenthood Today, a Web show produced by Kineto Media. Running prior to the show were ad spots for Reckitt Benckiser brands Lysol and Resolve.

"You can feel confident knowing that your content will run on contextually relevant, brand-safe sites, ensuring the highest level of viewers’ satisfaction,” reads Kineto’s website.

When reached via phone, Kineto CEO Yossi Azar professed to not know how this content had ended up on Vodly. “It’s very hard to pinpoint,” he said, noting that the company syndicates content across the Web, and does employ various exchanges to distribute content and to sell ads. Among Kineto’s listed partners are BrightRoll, SpotXchange and Watch Mojo. In this case, a Watch Mojo overlay was seen atop one of the Parenthood Today clips.

Azar said that Kineto maintains a blacklist of 25,000 sites where advertisers don’t want their brands to appear. The problem in this case is that Vodly recently changed its name from, causing Kineto to miss its inclusion in a recent ad buy. "We choose our partners carefully, as we are very sensitive to where our content is displayed and to the effect it has on our positioning," said Azar.

To be fair, Parenthood Today was the only video content found on Vodly. In addition, several standup comedy videos were spotted, which, when clicked, led users to a video for Pilates for Life, a product of the U.K. company Coffee Table Media. Another video distributor using Vodly is Other advertisers running on the site are Volkswagen Jetta, Dove and Progressive.

Perhaps it’s not shocking that Lysol and Resolve ended up on this site; Reckitt Benckiser is known for pushing partners to deliver cheap video views. However, it might surprise many to see an extended ad for Merck’s NuvaRing on a site where copyright-protected content may be shared, given the sensitivity inherent to the birth control category. Not only was NuvaRing running autoplay video spots, but the segments were followed by the Healthination series Girl Talk.

Did Healthination turn to an exchange to get some cheap distribution for Girl Talk? Turns out, no. Rather, Healthination got hacked, according to chief digital officer Doug McFarland.

"From what we can tell now … a rogue grabbed our content with its associated advertiser and began circulating it," said McFarland. "Since we syndicate our content across many partners, we've seen this happen prior, including with YouTube. From whom and how we don't know, but we can/have traced the rogue URLs."

Stay tuned.