Parcels Tracks Packages, Even From The Post Office

I recently installed Parcels on my phone, which is an Android app that obtains package tracking information from a variety of different shipping companies, as well as the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). My previous experience with package tracking from the USPS has been disappointing because their web site only provided information after the package was delivered, making it effectively a package delivery confirmation service rather than a package tracking service.

Recently I ordered an Angry Bird plush toy and received an e-mail that they shipped it to me via the USPS. The e-mail included the tracking number, so I entered that number in Parcels. I wasn’t expecting to see much information so I was very surprised when Parcels later displayed the current shipment status, as you see in the screen shot. In fact, I was able to tell when the package was out for delivery so I could alert my wife that it would be arriving.

I don’t know whether the USPS has updated their web site to display current shipment status, or if Parcels is able to retrieve the information from another source. What I do know is that the current USPS shipment status information appears in Parcels, as well as shipment info from UPS and FedEx as well as other shipping companies all around the world, so if you receive a lot of packages and have an Android phone, you may want to install this free app on your phone.