Paramount Releasing New Film Via Peer-to-Peer Service

Paramount Pictures will debut its new film The Tunnel through peer-to-peer service BitTorrent. The service is the very same one used by video pirates, Fast Company writes.

The movie’s website ties the film to The 135K Project, which was created to incorporate the Web more effectively into movie-making rather than fight against it and the piracy that comes with it.

“We believe that if we stop fighting  the peer to peer networks, they could become the biggest revolution we have ever seen in the way we share entertainment and information,” the site says. To that end, consumers can purchase a frame of the movie for $1 and share in the profits. There are 135,000 frames in a 90-minute movie.

Moreover, Paramount’s plan is to premiere the movie alongside a DVD that viewers can purchase. The DVD will contain extra footage and an alternative ending.

PR folks — From your perspective, is this a money-making, buzz-producing plan?