Parallel Zombies focuses on cooperative, story-based location gameplay

Parallel Zombies is the next entry into PerBlue’s “Parallel” series of location-based games, following Parallel Kingdoms and Parallel Mafia. The game is PerBlue’s first Android exclusive title and is designed to deliver a location-based MMO experience that eschews player-versus-player gameplay in lieu of cooperative mechanics and story-driven missions.

The game takes place in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, with players working together to explore the world and stop the infection. Parallel Zombies features much more in-depth character creation than Parallel Mafia did, with players able to customize their avatars much more than they were in the previous game. These avatars now sport detailed designs and outfits and appear as full characters on the game map. A spokesperson for the developer says that fan feedback fueled the decision to allow more personalization in character creation.

There are three character classes: soldier, hunter and doctor, and players can create multiple characters to play as. Each of these character classes come with unique skills for players to level up as they earn experience in the game, like increased damage and healing abilities. These skills can be reset, for a price, so players can experiment with different abilities to figure out what works best for their character. The developer hasn’t decided yet if these can be reset for hard or soft currency.

As opposed to many location-based MMOs, Parallel Zombies doesn’t actually feature territory claiming mechanics. Instead, it’s based on cooperative play and story missions. When exploring a map, players are alerted to missions that they can examine and then accept or reject. Clicking on  a mission brings up a summary of the goals and outlines the rewards, as well as who played through it last and what player has the highest score. Accepting a quest will bring the player into a level where they move around and fight off hordes of the undead with melee and ranged weapons. Movement is handled with a virtual joystick, while combat is controlled via an attack button, quickslots  for weapons and skills and a reload button.

Social mechanics are much more significant than in PerBlue’s earlier games. Parallel Zombies will contain in-game messaging and chat, as well as synchronous multiplayer. If a player wants to play with  group, the game will launch an automatic search for people playing nearby and instantly teleport the player’s character to them as soon as they’re found.

PerBlue’s previous games have been available for both iOS and Android, and have proven successful for the developer. In April, Brand Director Forrest Woolworth told us the lifetime value of a paying players on Parallel Kingdoms exceeded $95. Since then, Parallel Mafia launched for iOS and Android, reaching 120,000 players just two months after launch (a milestone that took Parallel Kingdoms a year and a half to achieve). Humphrey tells us more of PerBlue’s audience are Android players and the studio decided to hone its skill developing for the platform and made Parallel Zombies an exclusive for the platform.

Parallel Zombies is set to launch on Android on July 19.

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