Parade‘s Love Affair with the First and Second Ladies

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden‘s interview with Parade magazine came out yesterday and the opening graph was just the beginning of a serious gush fest, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Paula Abdul‘s days on “American Idol.”

“They playfully tease and banter. They finish each other’s sentences. And they laugh—a lot. The first thing you notice when you sit down with First Lady Michelle Obama and vice presidential spouse Jill Biden is how warm and relaxed their relationship is. They have a ‘great partnership,’ Obama says. ‘We complement one another,’ Biden adds. Out of this First Friendship comes the pair’s first-ever common initiative, Joining Forces.”

After asking about the initiative, Parade also wanted to know how these two amazing, beautiful women managed to do it all. Obama was asked if she could “reassure [the] magazine’s readers” that her “Let’s Move” initiative would continue. The First Lady seemed to realize the silliness of the question. “I have been multitasking my entire life. Malia and Sasha will eat, and Bo will get walked.” Parade also wanted to know how Obama makes time for her kids. Her response: “You just do.”

Though the magazine may not be the setting for hard-hitting questions, we probably didn’t need answers to things like “Any plans for another date night soon?” or “So what makes you so warm and fuzzy to the American people?”

The photo above, taken by Brigitte Lacombe, features this caption:

A PERFECT MATCH: When Michelle Obama and Jill Biden met, they felt “an instant connection,” Biden says. Adds Obama, “My husband’s decision to select Joe as his vice president was one of the best decisions he’s made. And it gave me Jill, which was completely fortuitous.”

Aww. Read the full interview here.