PaperC to Launch Subscription Based Service in 2012

A few days ago PaperC announced new plans to relaunch the site with a new design and a new service.

PaperC is a new German start-up with a novel payment plan. Rather than selling or renting complete textbooks, PaperC sells books by the chapter and even the page. It currently offers nearly over 14 thousand titles from 85 publishers.

In addition to its by-the-page system, PaperC is about to start testing a subscription service. Readers will be able to play a flat fee and use as many textbooks as they need. This new service is just beginning to be beta tested, but when it is released it’s expected to cost between 10 and 20 euros. That should put it well within the reach of the average student.

PaperC also plans to roll out improved Epub support, and it’s looking to make its content more usable on all Epub compatibility apps and devices.