Paper Hits Los Angeles Again with Another Pop-Up Shop in Tow


For the fourth time in as many years Paper has decided to leave the cozy confines of New York and come to Los Angeles for their LA Project festivities, all of which kicks off tomorrow (former editor Alissa barely survived last year’s “five-day bender” when Paper was in town last, so you know it has to be good). Like in years prior, they’re launching a massive shop that will only exist for one day and then, like so much ticker tape, float away with the wind (how’s that for some hardcore simile on the fly?). They’ve just announced this year’s firm handling the build of the temporary space and here are the details:

Paper Magazine has selected Los Angeles based architecture firm, Johnston Marklee to design their fourth annual 24-Hour Department Store. Charged with transforming a 6,000-square-foot space on the Sunset Strip into a showroom for over 30 cutting-edge boutiques, the store will morph from assembly to break down in less than three days. Promising pop-culture overload with round-the-clock music performances and DJ sets, vendors will include Opening Ceremony, Supreme, and Jeremy Scott. The Department Store opens to the public on Friday, November 7th at 7 pm and closes 24 hours later on Saturday, November 8th.