Paper Cuts: 2805+ Layoffs in 2010

Well, this is better news: 2010 marked a significant slowdown in the massacre. The newspaper industry has only lost, according to Erica Smith of Paper Cuts, around 2800 jobs. In 2008 it was nearly 16,000 according to Smith and her nifty Google map skillz. In 2009 it was around 15,000 nationwide.

We asked Smith what she thinks of this year, “I’m surprised that the number has been so low, compared to previous years. She tells FBLA, “But it’s also become more obvious that many papers are laying off employees and never publicly acknowledging it. (That really bothers me: It’s huge slap in the face to the employees, and a huge disservice to the paper, its community and our truth-seeking industry.) Even with many of those numbers filled in, though, I don’t think the total will hit 2008 or 2009 levels.”

The newspaper industry lost 30K plus jobs in two years. If it wasn’t the industry that writes the news, it would be bigger news.