Paper comes to LA

If you’ve never read Paper, the NYC lifestyle/culture magazine, imagine Vanity Fair if it had no actual feature content and was targeted only to people who live below 14th Street in Manhattan. Scared yet? Well, Paper is coming to Los Angeles to produce a special issue on the ‘Tribes of LA’ and throw lots of parties. Reports WWD:

Kim Hastreiter, who shares the title editor and publisher of Paper with partner David Hershkovitz, said the idea grew out of the magazine’s five-year-old Paper Project series, started as an antidote to the sameness of New York Fashion Week. Extending the series to Los Angeles was a natural idea, she said, not just because of the city’s influence on American and global culture, but because, in her view, L.A. needs Paper. “People don’t really mix together in L.A. as they do in New York,” she said. “I guess it’s the car culture. People tend to be ghettoized. The surfers don’t hang out with the fashion people, and the hip-hop people don’t hang out with the gays. So whenever we go out there, we like to mix it up.”

I’ve read Paper and from what I can tell, the magazine’s idea of ‘mixing it up’ is running party photos of 28-year-old trust-funded Bennington grads drinking with trust-funded 31-year-old Vassar grads. Looking forward to the LA events.