PapayaMobile launches AppFlood, an Android-only cross-promotion network

Mobile-social gaming network PapayaMobile wants to help Android developers battle rising user acquisition costs with its new cross-promotion network AppFlood. The service launches today for all Android developers, not just those who are already members of PapayaMobile’s social network.

Developers will find AppFlood similar to existing cross-promotion networks like Chartboost, but there are some differences. Unlike Chartboost, the service isn’t focused on setting up direct advertising trades between developers. Instead members will be able to buy and sell installs within the entire AppFlood community, and will be able to promote their titles using banner ads, interstitial ads, and a more games panel. Developers earn money every time they drive an install through one of their games.

Like Chartboost, AppFlood members take home 100 percent of the revenues they earn. PapayaMobile doesn’t take a commission or fee for running the network, but according to Justin Mauldin, the company’s director of U.S. marketing, PapayaMobile benefits indirectly. AppFlood give PapayaMobile an opportunity to cross-promote its titles outside its own network, which now reaches 65 million users, the majority of which are on Android.

AppFlood is also different than other cross-promotion networks because it allows developers to take install credits instead of getting paid out, explains Mauldin. This allows developers to bank the installs they earn, and use them to fund their own user acquisition campaigns. “This is a way for small and mid-tier developers to get their games in the hands of consumers without having to spend a lot of money to buy traffic,” he says.

While beta members like Frenzoo, Bulkypix and Infolife have all seen what PapayaMobile calls “positive results” in the service’s short private beta, Mauldin explains AppFlood is a complement, not a replacement for a developer’s existing ad publishing strategy.

“We really think the idea of the cross-promotion, and the fact that you can transfer credits is the biggest value proposition,” he says. “Sure, people can come on here and buy and sell traffic without paying a commission, but at the same time we’re not trying to be just another ad network.”

PapayaMobile’s goal is see AppFlood become leading Android cross-promotion network within six months. Aside from filtering for what he calls “spammy apps,” Mauldin says all developers are welcome, and they do not have to meet minimum traffic requirements to join. For a limited time PapayaMobile is also offering developers 1,000 install credits for every app they connect to AppFlood as way to drive early engagement. Interested developers can find more information on the AppFlood website.

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