Paparazzi Snubs Perez At VH1 Awards Show; Says Hilton: ‘I Render Publicists Useless’

Well, here’s a shocker: Perez Hilton, both the friend and foe of celebutantes and Us Weekly editors everywhere, was asked to appear at VH1’s Big In ’06 Awards show. The paparazzi, many of whom are pissed at Perez for the unauthorized posting of photos, refused to snap his photo on the red carpet. (Imagine that: a blogger snubbed by paparazzi at an awards show. Crazy.)

Meanwhile, Hilton has a refreshing-if-cocky take on the PR establishment, and said so to PRWeek:

PRWeek: What kind of treatment do you get from the entertainment establishment?

Hilton: It depends. I think and hope most of them enjoy it and get a kick out of it, and find it entertaining and informational. Some may not. Some may find me threatening because I speak the truth. I sometimes render publicists useless. Before, publicists could do damage control and spin things and use their tricks to make sure that information that got out was information they wanted to get out, and it got out the way they wanted it to. And that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Now they can’t threaten me and they don’t have any control over me. I’m kind of like this renegade doing my own thing. But I think now they have resigned themselves to my existence. If I was a celebrity weekly, a publicist would be like: If you continue to write this about my client then I’m going to cut off all my other clients and none of them will talk to you. But now, I can say “I don’t care because I don’t need access to your clients.”


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