Paolo Soleri Offers Long-Winded, Big-Worded Response to The 11th Hour


Perhaps you closed your long Labor Day Weekend with an uplifting trip to the movies to see Leo DiCaprio‘s The 11th Hour and caught the cameo by Paolo Soleri? The architect, who has been building the architectural equivalent of a Bio-Dome in the Arizona desert since 1970, has emailed a six-paragraph statement, plus bullet points, on what’s wrong with the green movement. Like other Soleri statements, we need a translator:

Materialism is by definition the antithesis of green. The greenness revolution will be a pathetic ambition if it remains nested in materialism. As long as greens fail to identify their “enemy number one” as materialism, they will never approach greenness, they will be “browns.” They might be half-measure reformers, they are not radical reformulators. A “clean green” self-righteous conscience on a mass scale encourages the deepening of the environmental crises and dulls the anima of society. “Smart” materialism, as proposed now, could at most be brown.

Got that? Khakis are out.

Ephemeralization, the nanotechnology of science and technology, is compounding materialism. Homo sapiens enslaved by Homo faber. By now the American dedication to it has achieved lunatic expressions. Hyper-consumption is exporting its enthusiasm to the whole world. Homo dementis? Yes, in view of the planetary admonitions, this is dementia: we are collectively losing our minds.

Yep, we don’t understand any of it but someone needs to option this thing. It definitely sounds like a good plot for a green Pauly Shore movie. Thanks to Andrew Blum.