Pants And Pickles Are The Surefire Way To Get Millions Of Fans

Want to get millions of fans on your Facebook Page? You have a pretty good shot if your page involves pants or pickles. The latest Facebook Page phenomenon is one set up for the pants of the Norwegian olympic curling team. While the page probably wouldn’t have put Facebook in a pickle (I know, I know, corny pun!), the company decided to take it down for terms of service violations before being restored hours later following a protest.

As we’ve covered before, there are numerous types of Facebook Pages that appear to be effective at driving millions of fans, but it usually pretty random. The most infamous pants page is of course the pants on the ground page. But in addition to pants, random vegetables tend to be a popular item.

As we covered earlier this month, countless pages were set up in an attempt to drive more fans to obscure vegetable pages instead of celebrities. As we wrote earlier this week, Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of Nickelback, learned that the band had lost a popularity contest with a pickle.

While the entire event was fun and games, finding out ways to drive millions of fans to your Facebook Page has become a popular past time activity. While there also numerous Facebook group scams and page scams, many of them are shut down almost immediately. So what obscure Facebook Pages have you seen that instantly drove millions of fans?