Pantone’s Dubious Marketing Tactics Have Us Even More Excited About the Future of Design


If you’re one of the four thousand designers expected in Denver this week for AIGA’s NEXT conference, perhaps you, like us, were intrigued by this very special offer from Pantone that came in the mail. What was conceived as an innocent promotional piece to draw attention to one of Pantone’s new offerings (truer flesh tones?) has now added the exciting possibility of partial nudity to this biennial gathering of designers. If this concept is to be believed, throughout the conference Pantone will be filming an episode of “Designers Gone Wild,” where the proper response to the request “Goe shirtless” will reward the designer with as many color chips as they can carry.

With that amazing visual as a extremely inappropriate visual accompaniment, this post will serve as another friendly reminder that you can still nurse your opening night hangover by munching on free pastries with us at a breakfast roundtable Friday morning at 7:45am. We’ll make the roundtable shirtless if and only if we receive written documentation from each of your mothers stating they approve.