Pantone Gets Going for Goe


The Photoshop Blog has the full story on a big news yesterday: Pantone unveiling the Goe System, the company’s first major color spec release and major overhaul in forty-five years. It’s pretty cool. Somehow they managed to pluck out and specify 2,058 new colors from the spectrum and they’re all there in a fancy box set that isn’t intended to be used so much as a replacement for all those chips and books you’ve got now, but to work alongside it. Or, to decipher the marketing talk: “buy this too!”

The Pantone Goe System is based on a set of 10 Pantone Mixing Bases, plus Pantone Clear, that are readily available anywhere in the world. The new ink mixing bases were created with Pantone’s deep understanding of color science to deliver technically sound color standards that are compatible with aqueous and UV coatings. The colors have also been designed for printing uniform ink film thicknesses to allow for equal drying times and more control when matching color on press. This enables press operators to run jobs at the same ink settings, providing significant production efficiencies.

The Pantone Goe System includes the Pantone GoeGuide, Pantone GoeSticks and an advanced, intuitive software toolset for palette creation called myPantone Palettes.