Sacré Borough! There’s Now a ‘Brooklyn of Paris’

ShutterstockParisSilhouetteOnce upon a time, Asheville, North Carolina liked to banner itself as the “Paris of the South.” Today, according to a fun piece, by AP’s Beth J. Harpaz and Thomas Adamson, the go-to reference is Brooklyn.

In fact, as a sign of just how far things have come in that analogous department, the AP item suggests there is now a “Brooklyn of Paris.” The suburb of Pantin, on the northeast fringe of the city:

“It may have a way to go before it’s on a par with Brooklyn, but I expect it will continue to develop,” said artist Oliver Beer, who works both with a gallery in Pantin and with the Museum of Modern Art’s contemporary arts outpost, PS1, in New York City.

Other signs of what’s called the “Brooklynization of Paris” include gluten-free restaurants and juice bars popping up. “It used to be when young chefs studied under the great chefs, they wanted to open important restaurants or go to the countryside and get their Michelin star. Now they’re rejecting that model, they’re saying, ‘I’m going to do more back-to-the-roots, farm-to-table cooking in a small restaurant with a few tables,'” said Katherine Johnstone, a spokeswoman for Atout France USA, the French tourism agency in New York.

We imagine Parisians will be thrilled with the idea that part of their city has a “way to go” before it catches up with Brooklyn. Vive la diss-erence!

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