Pangalore Debuts HTML5-based Facebook Games Portal

Five-month-old social game developer Pangalore has launched its first two Facebook titles, Wild West Solitaire and ArtFit. Both titles are built using HTML5, enabling their use on computers and devices that don’t support Adobe Flash, such as iPhone and iPad.

Speaking with Inside Social Games, company co-founder and chief product officer Doyon Kim says that Pangalore was able to get up-to-speed quickly because of its approach to HTML5 development. Other companies hit performance walls, he says, because they attempt to shoehorn existing Flash code and assets onto the platform, rather than building for it from the ground up. Pangalore has assembled a team of experienced game designers and developers with HTML5 expertise in order to accomplish its goals.

The company has plans to launch at least three additional HTML5-based games on its Facebook portal by the end of 2011. Its current titles combine classic board game and puzzle themes. Wild West Solitaire is a variation on the popular card game, while ArtFit, with its unique paper cutout visual style, has players piecing together colorful blocks to create images.

Pangalore is currently readying two more puzzle games, Bubble Prince and Pop the Candy, based on its HTML5-based technology. Like its current titles, they will appear in stand-alone downloadable releases for iOS and Android, which will feature Facebook Connect functionality enabling players to carry on sessions between devices. Based on our own experience, Wild West Solitaire and ArtFit run very well on iPad and iPhone when played through on Facebook in the Safari browser.

Kim tells us that beyond HTML5 casual games, Pangalore plans to use Unity 3D for titles that are “a bit more hardcore.” These will run on Facebook and have stand-alone iOS and Android releases utilizing Facebook Connect. We were shown a quick preview of one Unity 3D title it has in the works, Knights of Loreland, which combines action RPG and farm simulation gameplay in an MMO environment, with fully 3D visuals. It is expected to launch in early 2012.

Pangalore was founded by Kim, founder of Spotplex, Opinity, and Dialpad Communications, and business partner Brian Kang, formerly the CEO of Gravity Co., Ltd. It has offices in San Jose, Calif. and Seoul, South Korea. NHN Investment Corporation, based in South Korea, has invested an undisclosed amount of capital in the company.