Panel Launches Messaging App for Business Professionals

Panel allows business professionals to communicate anonymously, based on their roles, departments and industries.

Panel has announced the release of its iOS app, which provides an outlet for business professionals to communicate privately. The app is technically an anonymous messaging platform, as users are identified based on their job roles, departments and industries, rather than by username or real identities.

With Panel, users from create an account by choosing their role, department and industry from lists of popular responses. The app supports users of all career levels, from interns to CEOs, and uses these profile markers to target content for each user in their home feed. For instance, professionals in sales would likely receive sales-related content. Outside of this home feed, users can also browse all posts in a global content stream.

Panel 2

When posting a question or comment thread on Panel, users can target their submissions to specific users. For instance, if an intern in the health care industry is looking for advice from someone further up the career ladder, they could target their post to directors or other executives in that same field. Users can target up to three roles, departments and industries with each post, creating a variety of possible combinations for potential viewers.

While browsing content, users can freely add to each conversation, or up-vote individual posts. Users can track their individual posts and comments via their private activity feed.

Brandon Ward, co-founder and CEO of Panel, told us:

Panel is a truly innovative messaging environment for professionals. Our super-targeted, ‘1-to-Many’ format is based on roles, departments, and industries (or any combination thereof), not traditional user profiles. Because of this, and the private nature of the app, the response has been exceptional.

Panel is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.