Pandora Launches Radio App for Google Glass

Streams music via hand and voice commands

Pandora has unveiled an app that lets users program music on Google Glass through touch prompts and voice activation.

Designed during a recent three-day hackathon by the Oakland, Calif.-based music streaming company, Pandora for Glass makes it possible to receive radio stations through bone conduction. With the accompanying touchpad, the app can be used to pause and skip through songs and even rate them Siskel-and-Ebert style—thumbs up or thumbs down.

Released Wednesday, the app marks Pandora's latest innovation on the digital wearables front, following a similar app for the Pebble smartwatch.

Pandora development head Ian Geller told CNET that the app was conceived to give users a "closer connection to their music [by] wearing it somewhere on their bodies."

Three months out from its release to the general public, Google Glass remains a niche product, but it may stay that way due to reasons other than its $1,500 asking price. An April survey by research firm Toluna found that 72 percent of consumers planned to avoid the product over privacy concerns.