Pandora Launches iPhone Music Streaming App

Pandora_iPhone.jpgWith the future of Internet radio in doubt, it’s still hard not to like Pandora, one of the first and best online streaming music services. AppScout reports that Pandora has launched a free mobile version specifically for the iPhone 3G, now that the new device finally has enough bandwidth to stream audio without choking to death.

“We are thrilled to launch Pandora on the iPhone,” said Pandora founder Tim Westergren in the report. “The ability to offer a free, personalized streaming service on a mobile device marks an important new era for Internet radio. Apple’s revolutionary product is the ideal platform for listeners to experience Pandora on-the-go.”

Pandora has had limited mobile exposure in the past—notably, a $2.99/month version for Sprint, and later, an overpriced $8.99/month offering for AT&T—so this is welcome news indeed.